What is 360 Video

What is 360 Degree, VR, or Virtual Reality Video?

This is video that is “Fully Immersive”, meaning the viewer is in the “Center” of the video, with the ability to move around the entire screen for a full 360 degrees.  Think of it like “Google Street View”.  Google Street View enables the viewer to be dropped into a street level view anywhere in the world.  The viewer can look around a static image, where 360 degree, or VR video, lets the viewer view full motion video.

How can I view the 360/VR videos?

There are numerous ways to view these videos:

*On your website using a PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone

*On your Tablet or Smartphone using the YouTube App

*On your Tablet or Smartphone using the Facebook App

*Using the many available Virtual Reality Headsets


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