Central Park 360

Your Favorite Park in 360 Degrees!

On a hot summer September day in 2017, I decided to film my favorite park in the world – Central Park in New York City.

This wasn’t just any ordinary filming…it was filmed using a 360 Degree camera, capturing live video in fully immersive 360 degrees.

There are an extraordinary amount of unique locations in Central Park, so I had to narrow down my stops.  I decided on 27 total locations.

I hope you enjoy these unique videos.  You may view them on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Be sure to rotate all around to get the full 360 degree effect.

For a truly unique experience, but sure to use a Virtual Reality Headset to get the full 360 Degree views (coming soon).

So please Click Here to get started!

-Rick Miller, 360VRguy



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